S1 E38: I learned how by doing leet code (Carolina / @icarolinacorrea)

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Carolina Lunardi Correa joins the show to talk about her origin story, from working as a supply chain professional to starting her first apprenticeship with Amazon!

We discuss how she learned to code using leet code, and how life brings her joy. We also talk about what caused her to make the switch, how she used her current experience to slowly shift into product development from the business side and then finally getting a role as a software engineering apprentice. 
  • (00:00) - 138: I learned how by doing leet code (Carolina))
  • (01:11) - Origin Story
  • (13:32) - The Simple Things Bring Joy
  • (18:01) - Accountability Buddies
  • (21:18) - Wrapping Up

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Carolina Correa
Carolina Correa
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S1 E38: I learned how by doing leet code (Carolina / @icarolinacorrea)
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