S1 E1: Play Until It Pays (Jason / @jlengstorf)

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Jason Lengstorf joins the show to talk about his origin story coming from a screamo band and learning design and development in order to help the band marketing. His somewhat accidental journey through internal developer experience into external developer experience at Netlify.

We discuss his approach to continuous learning and how flow state and enjoying the experience help shape the way we focus and our ability to develop ourselves through learning new skills and abilities.
  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (00:35) - Developer Experience in the Industry
  • (03:03) - Origin Story
  • (09:30) - Continous Learning
  • (15:29) - Compound Wins and Flow State
  • (22:03) - Netlify

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Jason Lengstorf
Jason Lengstorf
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S1 E1: Play Until It Pays (Jason / @jlengstorf)
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