Episode 9

Published on:

19th Jul 2022

S1 E9: We're like Detectives (Nick / @nickytonline)

Nick Taylor joins the show to talk about his origin story, how he got started working with spreadsheets on a yellow monochrome computer and how his interest in web development and work in open source eventually lead to him working with Forem and the Dev Community.

We discuss putting yourself out there, getting involved in open source, the fears you might run into and how just stepping into it will help let the fear slip away...as well as how horrible out first open source commits were!

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The WebJoy podcast is an inclusive community centered on celebrating the diverse origins, skills, and experiences that make up the tech industry.

Talking with guests about their origin stories, what they love about working in their roles, and what they find joy in keeps this an upbeat and rather lighthearted podcast.

We approach the world with optimism and hope, while recognizing the flaws and challenges within our own industry and the world at large. We believe that if we work together, we can all find our happy place.

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